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Josh Ostrovsky: How Has He Built His Empire?

Josh Ostrovsky aka The Fat Jewish on social media, is one of the first people to learn how to monetize social media and turn it into a business platform to promote and create new products. From gaining millions of fans worldwide, to writing, acting, hosting and creating and selling his own wine company, @thefatjewish has created an empire for himself and team, and shown the world that being a successful entrepreneur can happen if you stand by your gut and follow your own path forward!

How did you start in the social media industry? What was your career plan at the beginning?
My original plan was to become an endodontic surgeon, which focuses on tooth roots, and I attended University of Michigan dental school for 2 years… Joking! OMG that would be so weird. No, but seriously, before social media I was a writer and television personality, and got my start on the E! Channel on a show called “The Daily 10” where I interviewed C-list celebrities and covered red carpets wearing an adult diaper or some equally shocking outfit. Me and my current business partner were also writing partners at that time, we sold shows to Amazon, FX, and a couple others, but they never went anywhere. I was also in a rap group called “Team Facelift,” we had a record deal and went on tour. I tried to stage dive once in Europe but was too fat and got dropped.

You were one of the first Instagram megastars and you have now more than 10 millions followers. Did you have any particular strategy when you decided to open an account on Instagram?
Initially my Instagram account was just for the entertainment of my idiotic friends. I’m one of those people that has the same friends from high school. We still have sleepovers in our 30’s and eat ice cream for dinner. NO PARENTS! There was never a business plan, when I joined Instagram nobody had figured out how to monetize the platform (besides our digital overlord Mark Zuckerberg obviously), so it was just people posting dumb stuff for their friends and stalking their exes. It was a world without influencers. I built my platform by being willing to “take it there,” I’ll say exactly what you’re thinking but are too afraid to say out loud.

We still have sleepovers in our 30’s & eat ice cream for dinner. No parents!

Do you have any thoughts about what might happen in the next phase of your career?
We sold BABE to Anheuser Busch, it was their largest non-beer acquisition ever, and I’m so excited to make it available absolutely everywhere. When people are in Japan drinking the wine and making questionable sexual decisions, my job will finally be done. After that? No idea, I’m making it up as I go. Whoever is reading this interview should message me on Instagram and pitch me an idea. I’m down for WHATEVER… Read the full interview

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