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David Meltzer: The Art Of Reaching Your Full Potential

David Meltzer is the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. His life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy, which he does through his programs, podcast, social media channels and live meetups in cities around the world!

Happiness comes from the enjoyment of the consistent and persistent pursuit of your potential.”

David, it’s a real pleasure to have you here for this interview. We know that you are very busy. What are you working on at the moment?
First off , I don’t agree with the term “busy” and much prefer the term “active” instead. You can be “busy” doing nothing all day, but activity is what leads to productivity. One of the things that I am most excited about right now is that we are getting ready to fi lm the fourth season of our pitch show on Bloomberg and Apple TV called “2 Minute Drill” this month. Each week, we give a new group of entrepreneurs two minutes to pitch us any product, company, or idea, and the best pitch wins more than $50,000 in cash and prizes.

Our other entrepreneur-focused show, “Offi ce Hours”, which features billionaires, millionaires, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes and entertainers talking about success, failure, and everything in between, is currently airing new episodes each Friday Apple TV, as well.

Can you tell us about David Meltzer Enterprises?
Earlier in my career, I was always “someone else’s guy”, but in recent years I have started working on building my own brand through speaking, my books, interviews, podcasts, and more. As a result of my consistent and persistent pursuit of that goal, I’ve been named a Top 100 Business Coach by the renowned Marshall Goldsmith, speak at the world’s biggest conferences and events, was recognized as a three-time international best-selling author, and also serve as host and executive producer of shows like “The Playbook”, “Offi ce Hours”, and “2 Minute Drill”.

Losing everything forced me to take stock in who I was and remind myself of the values that I had relied on to achieve that success.”

My life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy, and that has led me on an incredible journey to provide as much value to people as possible. In each piece of content or communication that I put out, I look to provide as much value as possible, so that I can empower others to be happy. I hold daily interviews on platforms like Instagram Live, TikTok Live, and Clubhouse, record podcasts with some of the world’s most successful people to learn about their “playbook for success”, and have even hosted free Friday Trainings each week for more than 20 years, teaching about topics like personal branding, fi ve steps to sell anything, and even how to deal with mommy issues… Read the full interview

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