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Apolo Ohno: The Art Of Reinventing Yourself

Apolo Ohno is an American retired short track speed skating competitor and an eight-time medalist in the Winter Olympics. Ohno is the most decorated American Olympian at the Winter Olympics and was inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame in 2019. We spoke to him about his new upcoming book, Hard Pivot, which comes out in the new year and recently becoming Personal Capital’s fi nancial hero.

Hunger. Competitiveness. Learning to fail and bounce back aggressively.”

Apolo, for the people who followed you during your pro skating career, can you tell us briefl y what you did after your retirement?
I had a deep hunger for winning outside of the Olympic space, and I was fascinated w/ Asia. Having spent much of my 15 year career competing, training and living all over Asia Pac – I saw the immense growth and opportunities that existed in that region. Went into the rare earth mineral processing technology business and then quickly ramped into infrastructure, software, angel investing. Diversifi ed into a wide range of businesses from real estate metals/ mining technology, infrastructure/ports, nutraceuticals, manufacturing (lights), digital assets etc.

How did your career as a top athlete prepare you to become a successful entrepreneur?
Hunger. Competitiveness. Learning to fail and bounce back aggressively. Reinvention, adaptation, and high performance standards. More than 10 years have passed between your fi rst bestseller Zero Regrets: Be Greater Than Yesterday and the release of your new book Hard Pivot: Embrace Change. Find Purpose. Show Up Fully. Why did it take so long? The road of self development is a long and arduous one. It also is everlasting – I wasn’t ready to share and give insights until I had enough scars, wins, and losses under my belt. Vulnerability has shown to be an incredible asset and strength.

And can you tell us more about this new book?
This book is for those seeking reinvention, a hard pivot, dealing with a loss of identity in pursuit of a new one. To seek a road that is less traveled and perhaps unfamiliar, to show up fully and be our best self. This book is for everyone… Read the full interview

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