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With over 10 years of experience, we have helped our partners to grow by mastering the following services:


Magazine Publishing

Entrepreneurship, crypto and innovation. Specialising in highly engaging content through magazines.

Influence Marketing

Planning and managing your social media presence. Content that connects with your audience.

Public Relations

Press coverage to keep the blockchain community up to date with your achievements and milestones.

Business Branding

Helping brands to communicate their core values and share their brand message with their audience.

Get inspired by today's most successful entrepreneurs.

Summer #2022 Edition feat. David Meltzer.

Game-changing tips from successful innovators.

Meta Odyssee Media Group operates in North America and France with a diverse portfolio of media interests including magazines, digital, social and video.

We work hard to be the leaders in the publishing and media space by providing premium and innovative content, with a commitment to driving the evolution of today’s media.

With a team of over 30 experienced professionals around the world, we provide editorial excellence and a corporate mission to develop integrated communication channels that entertain, inform and enrich.

In a constantly changing world, we are quick adapters.

With the development of new technologies, a new era has dawned. Web3, DeFi, NFTs… does this mean anything to you?

We are constantly improving our process and strategies to support our clients. Our team are firm believers and visionaries. We believe in entrepreneurship 2.0, blockchain technology and decentralization, so we are proud to support companies of all sizes in this sector.


Meet the co-founders

Chris de Neptune

CEO & Co-Founder of Meta Odyssée

Over 10 years of experience as a magazine editor. Chris is a successful businesses builder aiming to educate, inspire and raise awareness about new technologies, crypto & entrepreneurship.

Alexandre Teai

VP Business Development & Co-Founder

Storyteller | Content creator | 6 years experience as a business strategist and online marketing specialist.